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The Gems and Jewels of Shakespeare Names Pt Two

Here comes part two, the tragedies.

Romeo and Juliet

Juliet (obviously)


**And I have to mention that using Capulet as a first name intrigues me.





Titus Andronicus



Julius Caesar

Calpurnia (I also love this because of To Kill a Mockingbird)





Troilus and Cressida

Cressida (my second favorite Shakespearean name after Lucetta)



King Lear

Regan (a surprisingly tryndee choice for Shakespeare, wouldn’t you say?)

Goneril (not one I would ever, ever use)






Antony and Cleopatra

Cleopatra (guilty pleasure)





Cymbeline (even though it’s a male in the play, I love this on a girl)



And that completes the tragedies. I left out Macbeth and Timon of Athens because, again, they lacked female characters with names. Enjoy!



The Gems and Jewels of Shakespeare Names Pt. One

I love Shakespeare. Yes, call me weird, call me a nerd, but I just love it. The Elizabethan language, the way the words flow unlike any other piece of English literature, and of course, the names. Of course we have Juliet and Ophelia and the like, the famous ones. But my very favorites are the lesser known ones. But I will cover both categories. Note: These will be girls names, as I am not as fond of the Shakespearean guys.

First of all, unrelated to his plays, the names in his family are quite nice too. They include wife Anne, and daughters Susanna and Judith.

And now, his plays:

All’s Well That Ends Well




Violenta (I’m not sure if I actually like this, but I like that it’s distinctive.

As You Like It





The Comedy of Errors




Luce, or sometimes Nell

Measure for Measure


Mariana (again)


Love’s Labour’s Lost





The Merchant of Venice



Jessica (I only like this because it’s from one of my favorite plays.)

Much Ado About Nothing

Hero (I would use it as a nn for Hermione)





Pericles, Prince of Tyre






A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Hippolyta (again, distinctive)




The Taming of the Shrew

Katharina (Kate)


The Tempest


Ariel (although it’s a genderless spirit in the play)




**Though for this play, I must mention how much I LOVE Prospero for a boy.

Twelfth Night




The Two Gentlemen of Verona



Lucetta (my all time favorite Shakespearean girl name!)

The Winter’s Tale





Mopsa (I only like this because it’s fun and cute, not as an actual name)


So, that’s it for today. Tomorrow will be part two, the tragedies as today was the comedies. Note: I left out two plays; The Merry Wives of Windsor and The Two Noble Kinsmen, because they didn’t have any names that weren’t already mentioned.

—Lucy 🙂

The “Filler” Middle Names

So, lately, I’ve been thinking about the filler middle names quite a lot. It seems I really like them, but not as middle names. I prefer them as first names instead, because they sound so fresh and new that way.

Here’s just a list of them: (as first names with other names as middles)

Grace Evangeline

Grace Amelia

Grace Penelope

Rose Georgiana

Rose Viviana

Rose Alexandria

Claire Genevieve

Claire Aurelia

Claire Felicity

Jane Delilah

Jane Clarissa

Jane Celestia

Anne Victoria

Anne Sophia

Anne Sabrina

Marie Tabitha

Marie Helena

Marie Juliet

What do you think? Do you think these names sound fresh and new as first names instead of middles?

—love lucy ❤

Just a look at how my taste has changed…

Well, sorry for taking such a humongous break. If anyone actually reads this thing and cares to know what happened, here goes: Basically, my older niece was pregnant, and I was helping out with the wedding before that, so I was very busy. She became pregnant a few weeks after the wedding, and she will be having her baby in September.  We were discussing names, of course, and came up with Eloisa Meryl. Elsie will be her nickname.

Other than that, constantly spending time on Nameberry and other sites has changed my tastes quite a bit, for better or for worse.

First of all, I’ve renounced all tryndeigh and otherwise made up names. I feel like the history and classic factor matters more than just what sounds good. I’m still not against creative names (to a certain point) but I don’t personally like them.

That being said, I have gotten over my regret over my own children’s names. Yes, they aren’t the classics I love now, but they are still cute and uncommon and that’s the aspect I like to focus on.

I’ve also begun to be more interested in boy names, at the very least, I have a nice little list of favorites compiled already.

So, my favorite names as of the last time I blogged were:









Madeleine (Which I didn’t really know the correct pronunciation of at the time. It should really be Madeline)












Boys: (This is a pretty sketchy list, as I was less interested in boy names at the time)





















So, as you can see, I was already in a classic-y, vintage-y phase back then. But those were names I liked, not names I would really use. To be honest, they all seemed kind of blah to be back then, maybe because I needed a break from names. But after the several months long break, I’m back with a totally different list. Some of the names on my new list were at the bottom of my total top fifty for boys and girls, now finally rising to the top.

Girls: (in no particular order)

Emmeline nn Emmy

Felicity nn Fliss

Josephine nn Josie

Catherine nn Cate

Lydia nn Liddie

Marianne nn Annie

Nadia nn Nadie

Luella nn Lula

Stella nn Ellie

Vera nn Viv

Susannah nn Sukie

Alice nn Ali

Birgitta nn Birdie

Eloise nn Elsie

Imogen nn Gennie

Kerensa nn Kensie

Norah nn Norrie

Juliet nn Julie

Ophelia nn Phia

Phaedra nn Fae

Boys: (in no particular order)

Maxwell nn Max

Nathaniel nn Nate

Frederick nn Fritz

Henry nn Henk (?)

Peregrine nn Perry

Theodore nn Theo

Percival nn Percy

Charles nn Charlie

Lawrence nn Law

Sebastian nn Seb

So, there you go. Of course, there’s names here and there that I love, but on these are my top twenty names for right now.

Always with love,

Lucy ❤


I’m in love with the name Sophronia right now, its absolutely luscious. It has the same meaning as Sophia, but prettier and more elaborate. Sophie as a nickname is adorable. Comments?

Top Twenty No More

I decided it was too much work to go through all the top twenty lists…ah, lazy Lucy. Well, if I get any requests to continue them, I might, but I’ve never been good about series posts. I would write about 2 of them, then I would get bored and want something else to write about. Oh well. 🙂

Lucy ❤

Analyzing the Top Twenty: 1890

Who would have thought that in just 10 years, so much has changed? Still, several are the same, so I’ll just be brief on those.  Here is the Top Twenty for the year 1890.

Popularity in 1890

Rank Male name Female name
1 John Mary
2 William Anna
3 James Elizabeth
4 George Margaret
5 Charles Emma
6 Frank Florence
7 Joseph Ethel
8 Robert Minnie
9 Henry Clara
10 Harry Bertha
11 Edward Bessie
12 Thomas Helen
13 Walter Grace
14 Arthur Alice
15 Fred Annie
16 Albert Ida
17 Clarence Mabel
18 Roy Edna
19 Louis Lillian
20 Samuel Nellie

1. John and Mary. Of course, always the classics. I’m not a huge fan of John, though I love Jonathan, but Mary is always simple and pretty.

2.  William and Anna. I adore William, and Will even more, and Anna is so pretty. More info in the last analysis.

3. James and Elizabeth. James is a nice, solid name, and I see it coming back in a few years, But only James, no Jim or Jimmy. Elizabeth is my middle name, except I have it with an S. Its a family name, and I’m starting to like it more and more, especially after the Nameberry post on it.

4. George and Margaret. Don’t like George, and ok with Margaret. More info on these in the last analysis.

5. Charles and Emma. Love both of these. More info in last post.

6. Frank and Florence. Not sure about Florence, but I sort of like Frank. More info in last post.

7. Joseph and Ethel. I love Joseph, but Ethel is just plain ugly. I mean, as a name nerd, I respect it and maybe, perhaps, someday it might be popular again, but right now I am just not fond of it at all.

8. Robert and Minnie. Love both of these, more info in last post.

9. Henry and Clara. Love both of these, more info in last post.

10. Harry and Bertha. Not a huge fan of either. More info in last post.

11. Edward and Bessie. Edward is not my favorite name, but its ok. I just hate that it has become so sensationalized by the Twilight Series’ Edward Cullen. Its as if you cannot pick this name for a child without being labeled as a fan. Bessie has never been a huge favorite, I used to always think of a cow, but now it has a weird appealing quality that maybe only name nerds notice. Anyway, I’m growing on it.

12. Thomas and Helen. I like Thomas, but I just hate the nicknames Tom/Thom and Tommy. I absolutely adore Helen, I totally don’t see it as an old lady name. I see it as the Greek beauty it is, and I love the whole story behind Helen. (She was a beautiful queen who was kidnapped, thus starting the Trojan War.) I wouldn’t use Helen as a first name yet, but I would pair it with its Greek myth friend Penelope.

13. Walter and Grace. Like both of them. More info in last post.

14. Arthur and Alice.  Like Arthur, love Alice. More info in last post.

15. Fred and Annie. Don’t like Fred, but ok with Annie. More info in last post.

16. Albert and Ida. Not a huge fan of Albert, but ok with Ida. More info in last post.

17. Clarence and Mabel. Finally, a big change. Clarence and Mabel moved up a couple of steps, and this is evident as there are many Clarences and Mabels in history. Clarence is a name I used to like for a girl, and I can still see it on a girl, but now I definitely like it for a boy. I read somewhere that Clancy can be a nickname for Clarence, and I love that. Mabel is sort of a guilty pleasure, I know that it won’t be “in” for decades to come but I absolutely love it. I also like Mabelle, pronounced MAY-BELL

18. Roy and Edna. I’ve never liked Roy very much, at my elementary school I remember them drilling “Roy G. Biv” over and over into our heads. So I’m a bit tired of hearing that name. Edna is another name that I try to like, but I still don’t for some reason. Its not bad, its not really ugly,  compared to other names, but somehow it just holds no appeal to me.

19. Louis and Lillian. I said that Louis will grow to be popular soon, and so it does. A Louis William was born on my street a few days ago. Lillian has fully come back, right now all things Lilly are in. I love Lillian, I think its a very stately name and Lilly is just darling. I prefer the spelling Lillie, and I also like Lillianna and Lillianne.

20. Samuel and Nellie. I love both of these, especially Nellie. More info in last post.

Analyzing the Top Twenty: 1880

In honor of the coming new year, I will be analyzing the top 20 names once a week for every ten years, all the way up to 2009. I know that doesn’t quite fit, but I thought every decade would be easier. First is 1880:

1 John Mary
2 William Anna
3 James Emma
4 Charles Elizabeth
5 George Minnie
6 Frank Margaret
7 Joseph Ida
8 Thomas Alice
9 Henry Bertha
10 Robert Sarah
11 Edward Annie
12 Harry Clara
13 Walter Ella
14 Arthur Florence
15 Fred Cora
16 Albert Martha
17 Samuel Laura
18 David Nellie
19 Louis Grace
20 Joe Carrie

1. John and Mary. Well, that was to be expected. The two of them have been the most popular for centuries. John is fine, a little plain, but mostly fine. I prefer Jonathan, though, somehow John seems very nickname-ish. Mary is a classic, and its not my favorite because it too, is quite plain. If I were to use Mary, I would definitely pair it with Alice or Grace or Sophia, and call her by two names.

2.  William and Anna. Not surprising there, either. William has always been popular, and even now William is still a top ten name. Perhaps now people like the nickname Will. I know I do. And Anna is lovely, in my opinion its much prettier than boring drab Anne.

3. James and Emma. I’m sure James will be back in a couple of years, its one of those solid, stately names that can’t stay out for long. As for the nicknames Jim and Jimmy, though, those can be out and stay out. Oh, Emma. Once number three, now number 1. Who knew Emma would be so popular again? I love it, though I wouldn’t use it because its so popular. And Emma was actually popular in England during the 80s, so they beat us to it.

4. Charles and Elizabeth. Charles is definitely coming back, no doubt about that. Charlie is adorable, and Charles has that strong manly feel to it. I have already heard of a slew of newborn boys named Charles. Elizabeth is in the top ten again too, but its showing signs of wear. Though I do adore the nicknames Beth and Libby. Actually, I love all of Elizabeth’s wide range of nicknames.

5. George and Minnie. George is, of course, the name of almost every old guy I possibly know. Really, it is. I’ve met so many Georges its hard to keep track. I’m not fond of the name, but the female Georgia is lovely. Minnie is another surprise, I’ve never met a Minnie. I’ve met a Minette though.

6. Frank and Margaret. Frank is one I hope will be resurrected from the baby name dead soon. Like Charles, it has that manly, solid feel but the nickname Frankie is just so cute. Margaret is a family name, so it has special connections for me. I have a cousin Meg, an Aunt Margie, and a Grandma Maggie. Its not my favorite name, but its special.

7.   Joseph and Ida. As some of you may know, Joseph almost became the name of my new son. Joey for short, of course. In the end, he became Camden Joseph, so I still used it. But I love Joey still. And Ida is a surprise. I haven’t heard of many ladies named Ida. I suppose the old folks liked unisex names too, because Ida was originally a boy name. Either way, I find it a similarity to today’s popular Ava and Ada.

8. Thomas and Alice. Thomas is actually getting quite popular, though I imagine Tom and Tommy won’t be as popular for nicknames this time around. I personally have a neutral feel towards it, I would use it for a middle name but not for a first. Alice is my second favorite name in the entire world, period. Actually, it might be moving up to my first soon. I can’t believe its not popular yet. Probably people think it already is, because of Twilight. But I love Alice, and Ali as a nickname would suit a modern little girl.

9. Henry and Bertha. Henry, I love. Nickname Hank, not so much. But Henry is already popular with hipster parents, meaning it will be a matter of time before it appeals to a wider audience. Unlike other name nerds, I rejoice when I see my favorite names being widely accepted by the public. However, Bertha is not one of those favorites. Try as I might to view Bertha with an open mind, it proves to be quite difficult.

10. Robert and Sarah. One of the few remaining -bert names left that can stand to be used, Robert is as much an old classic as a modern one. Though I can’t see Bob or Bobby as nicknames in the future, Rob and Robby might have a better chance. Sarah is a name that needs no explanation, it is and always will be popular. I do prefer Sara, but thats just me.

11. Edward and Annie. Another Twilight name. Personally, Edward is not a wonderful name, but I like it enough not to hate it. It does have character to it, but Ed and Eddie are horrible nicknames. Annie IS a nickname, and I like it, somehow. Of course, I prefer it to be a nickname for Anna or Annabel, but I do like it.

12. Harry and Clara. My kids love Harry Potter, so I end up hearing that name too much. I’m not too stricken with it, and even less with Harold, but its possibly growing on me. But right now I prefer Harry over Harold any day. I absolutely adore Clara to bits and pieces. Claire is common, Clarissa is frilly, but Clara is the right amount of fabulous.

13. Walter and Ella. Walt Disney, anyone? Well, its probably not the strongest connection for most people, but thats who I think of. I don’t recall ever meeting a Walter. Some say that Walter is so uncool that it must be cool again, but I’m not sure its quite there yet. But Ella is just slamming the charts right now, and I’m almost positive she will be on the 2009 top ten.

14. Arthur and Florence. Arthur is another one of those that may be resurrected. Honestly, if I had quadruplet boys, I would name them Charles, Henry, Arthur, and Frank. Ugh. Florence. As much as I try to like this name, it just doesn’t do it for me. It seems like an earlier version of a geographical name. Flora, however, is pretty and exotic.

15. Fred and Cora. Okay, fine. Quintuplet boys. Because I absolutely MUST add Fred with the resurrected boy names group. Although I prefer Frederick as the full name. And absolutely NO Freddy. Horrible nickname, in my opinion. I am in love with Cora, as I always have been, but I just recently learned that Cora was a made-up name. How disappointing! But Coralie, the French name, does have a illustrious history.

16. Albert and Martha. I must admit, neither of these names are my favorite. Albert has always had a nerdy, creepy feel to it. The first is probably attributed to Albert Einstein, but I’m not sure what the latter is. Martha reminds me of Martha Stewart, who, lets just say, is not my favorite person in the world. As a name nerd, I like those names because they are old fashioned, but as a person I just don’t like them very much.

17. Samuel and Laura. These names are actually not doing so bad on the popularity list right now. Samuel is extremely popular, almost 1/4 of the little boys in my daughter’s school is named Samuel, or just Sam. Laura is a little less popular, but I can see it coming back. Personally, it seems a bit classier and prettier than the overused Lauren.

18. David and Nellie. David is not one of my favorites, simply because I know way too many Davids and I would never use it as a first name. But no matter how much I want to use David as a middle name, it just won’t work because somehow David won’t flow with anything. Nellie, I love. Especially the spelling. I used to think that I was weird for always using the -ie spellings for names like Hollie, Sallie, and Nellie, but here it is on the top 20 chart!

19. Louis and Grace. Louis is not a personal favorite, but I see it coming back and actually becoming quite popular with hipster parents. I’m not a huge fan, but I love the feminine Louise, Louisa, and Lois. Grace is thought of as a filler middle name, but I would definitely use it, if my daughter’s name wasn’t already Gracelyn. I can see it as a first name too, but I prefer it in some form, like Gracelyn, Graciela, or simply as a middle.

20. Joe and Carrie. What a letdown. Well, not really, but these two are probably my least favorite names. I hate the name Joe, its so average, so plain, so everyday. Whats worse is that is was on the top 20! I thought people back then had better taste. Anyway, Joseph is infinetly better. Carrie, I can deal with, but I really am not fond of it. For some weird reason, it seems like a very small, weak name. I’m alright with it as a nickname for Caroline, but thats it.

Well, what do you think? Tell me your thoughts on the 1880 top 20s or paste a link to your blog/video/whatever in the comments. Hope to hear from everybody!


Lucy ❤

Nola and Nolan

I’m back! I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t even gotten to post. Part of it was my new obsession with the Youtube baby name community. Who knew? Anyway, check out my new baby name channel, just search LucyKruegerBabyNamer. Also check out AnastasiaRuby, she’s another great baby name Youtuber.



Anyway…on to my featured names. Nola is the girl name, and I suppose Nolan must be the male form though I can’t be sure. Nola is of Celtic, Irish, and Latin origin, and is the short form of the Irish name Fionnula. I heard on Nameberry from Olivekit that she named her little girl Nola, and it means little bell. Hmm…Fionnula. That’s an interesting one, especially with Fiona gaining popularity right now. Nolan is also Celtic and Irish, which makes me think the two are related. Nolan means famous and noble. I love the old lady cool feel that Nola as, and is also just so cute. I can imagine the name on a cute little girl. Its similar to Nora, but I don’t like Nora as much. I love how Nolan has that girly-masculine feel to it. Its hard to explain, but I just don’t see Nolan as some sort of muscular football player. I see a handsome but nerdy guy who wears tweed, and somehow I love that. There aren’t any nicknames I can think of for these two, but I do like these combinations:



Nola Isabelle Jane

Nola Penelope Grace

Nola Dorothy Alice

Nolan Andrew Charles

Nolan Samuel James

Nolan Daniel Howard



Howard. Howard??!! Somehow, the more I think of Howard, the more I think it needs a revival. And Howie is an adorable nickname. That’ll be my next featured name, I think. Oops. Did I give it away? Oh, well. Comment and question, please.


—Lucy ❤

Cool Botanical Names

Last weekend, I went over to my aunt’s house to help them with some paperwork, housework, and such. Saying she is a plant lover is an understatement. She has volumes and volumes of botany books, and beautiful garden full of plants I can’t even pronounce, let alone try to grow. I am the furthest thing from a botanist, but I was interested in the names of these plants. There are so many that I found interesting, but here’s just a few that popped out at me while looking through those books. Note that all of these are girl names.

Cleome—Pronounced Klee-OH-mee, this name of a flower is now a new favorite of mine. What a pity that it is unknown as a name! It is the Latin name for the spider plant, and its absolutely lovely. Cleome may be a nice change from boring old Chloe, and a sexier variation of rising star Cleo.

Aubrieta—With Aubrey rising fast, parents will soon be looking for new variants of the name, just like with Audrey a few years back. Aubrieta is a type of flowering cabbage, according to my auntie’s plant book. It has a very upscale, nose-in-the-air feel to it, but I love it. Aubrie serves as a lovely nickname.

Aurinia—Its so hard to believe this one’s not already a name. With Aurelia, Aureline, and Aurelie at the top of many parent’s list, this variation may be more unique. It is the Latin term for basket of gold, though I have no clue what that is. Either way, Aurinia is climbing my list as well.

Roseraie—Is this a bit like Desirae? Rose-er-ray? I’m not sure, but Roseraie is definitely eye-catching and pretty. It is actually a breed of roses, but is unknown as a name. Again, this one is close to being on my list.

Félicité—I’ve never been a big fan of Felicia or Felicity, but this foreign version seems much more classier and sophisticated. I believe its either Spanish or French, and pronounced somewhere along the lines of Fuh-lee-see-teh. It is also a breed of roses, and also a new favorite of mine.

Tilia—With Tilly super popular in Britain and Lilia quite popular here, parents may be looking for something new. Tilia is a blend of Tilly and Lilia, I think. Tilia is a type of tree, and is pronounced till-lee-uh, like how it looks. I like this for its Tily potential, as well as its snazzy, fresh sound. This one’s a keeper for sure.

Some other botanical names that I found interesting:














Paeonia (Peony)







With Love,

Lucy 🙂